As author, editor or general editor Michael Scott’s name appears on the jackets of over 50 books with major home and international publishers including Macmillan; Penguin; Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Beijing; Hodder and Stoughton; John Murray Learning. For a number of years he contributed to the Home View feature for the Times Higher.

He has published and has spoken widely on higher education issues in Universities and other institutions.

His most recent book Shakespeare: A Complete Introduction was published in December 2016. He has taught his academic subject not only at UK Universities but with Georgetown University, Washington DC, the Royal Shakespeare Company and Universities around the globe. He has  lectured on higher education management with the World Bank/OECD; was associated with the resumed entry of the UK into UNESCO; was appointed as a special advisor to Secretary General Dr Mayor and subsequently developed as Chairman of the Welsh committee a number of UNESCO projects in Wales.

In addition he has served on the BBC Council for Wales and as Chairman of the Milton Keynes Cultural Partnership, the North Wales Film Commission, the North Wales Events Commission, Pheonix Arts (Theatre) Leicester and Vice Chairman of Clwyd Theatre Cymru and a Trustee of the Bryn Terfel Festival. He has been on the Boards of a number of Colleges and Schools including Tresham College of Further Education and Higher Education and as Chairman of Governors at Ratcliffe College and Grace Dieu Manor Preparatory School. He has been honoured in the UK and has received academic honours from Universities in the USA, Russia and China.

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